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Cake Smash Sessions

+$55   booking fee
40 Edited Images Inc


"Our individually tailored cake smash sessions are a time to cherish, admire and dote over the miracle of life. Our sessions are tailored to your individual family and we take pride on ensuring that your little one is captured in the way that you had envisioned."

When is the best time to book?

We recommend booking around the child’s birthday, whose cake smash it will be.

When booking in we also suggest booking in a few weeks prior to the session to ensure we have the availability for you and your family.

Do you supply the cake, outfit, decorations and props?

We do not supply an outfit or cake for the session however all of our props, backgrounds, bunting and balloons available in our studio are able to be used during your session. 

What should I bring? 

We recommend you supply the cake for health, safety and dietary reasons. 
 The outfit you intend on the birthday child to wear, wipes, towel and a water bottle. 
A water bottle is extremely important as sugar tends to make most babies very thirsty during the session.
Please note you will have full use of our props as seen on our website gallery. 

What will happen in the session?

We always begin the session with family photographs if you would like before going into the cake smash and ending with a bathtub scene.  

  What will I receive from the session?

Your images will be available to you within 3-4 weeks from your session date, at that time you will receive 40 high resolution fully edited images available to you in colour and black/white.  These images are sent to you via our online system Drop box so that you can save, print and share as much as you like.

When requested we can upload a copy of ALL of your unedited files FREE OF CHARGE for you to keep post session!

Want a Discount?!
We offer a 10% discount to ALL sessions paid in full before booking,

this can be done via our websites Gift Voucher Tab by purchasing your session in advance and then using your voucher code to book in.


 Please note your $55 booking fee is an addition cost to the image package. 

Booking fee's and deposits are non-refundable if cancellation is made however a store Credit/Gift Voucher may be offered.

Custom Backdrops - Designed YOUR Way

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