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Older Newborn Sessions 1mo +

+$55   booking fee
40 Edited Images Inc


"We understand that it isn't always possible to book in advance with so much going on when introducing a new member to your family.

Our Older Newborn sessions are tailored to your individual family and we take pride on ensuring your little one is captured in a way that you had envisioned to the best of our ability."

 When is the best time to book?

If you are unable to book in your newborn early on then we suggest booking in for one of our "Older Newborn Sessions"

Giving us the opportunity to still use our larger props, wraps and backdrops to produce stunning Newborn styled images.
We have purposely mixed all of our Newborn styled work into one folder in our gallery to show that regardless of age, the outcome can be very  much identical

 What will happen in the session?

Sessions usually take 2-3 hours to allow for feeding/changing and to ensure that your newborn is happy, the session is calm and your photographs display exactly what you desire. Within the session we usually take the time to capture family images first, this is to allow family members who don’t want to stay during the session to leave when they like.

After our family images are captured we head into the newborn section of the session.  

Can I incorporate the sibling/s into the newborn section of the session?
Absolutely, we actually recommend it and can add the sibling/s into any of the newborn images, providing the sibling and newborn are both happy.

What should I bring to the session? 

We advise you to bring anything that will make the session personal to you and your family. Suggested items are things such as knitted items family members have made, colors from your favorite sports team, family heirlooms and wedding bands/dresses. We also highly recommend a change of clothes for anyone who will be in contact with the newborn during the session, more so if you are wanting the naked newborn photo's. 

What happens if my newborn is upset on the day? 

If you feel we have not captured everything on the day of your booking or your newborn is unsettled we will offer a free second session to ensure everything you are wanting is captured.

What happens if I can't get to the studio but want to book in?

We can offer the comfort and convenience to come to your home with all our lighting and props to capture your newborn for an additional $44. 

What happens if some of my family can't make it on the day of the session?
If some of your family cannot be there on the day of the newborn session we can break the session into two parts. Capturing the newborn section on the first booking and the family section on the second booking.

 What will I receive from the session?

Your images will be available to you within 3-4 weeks from your session date, at that time you will receive 40 high resolution fully edited images available to you in color and black/white. 

These images are sent to you via our online system Drop box so that you can save, print and share as much as you like.

When requested we can upload a copy of ALL of your unedited files FREE OF CHARGE for you to keep post session!

Want a Discount?!
We offer a 10% discount to ALL sessions paid in full before booking,

this can be done via our websites Gift Voucher Tab by purchasing your session in advance and then using your voucher code to book in.

 Please note your $55 booking fee is an addition cost to the image package. 

Booking fee's and deposits are non-refundable if cancellation is made however a store Credit/Gift Voucher may be offered.


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