COVID19 (coronavirus) Our Family to Yours.
*What you need to know when booking or attending the studio*

With the recent news, it's hard to ignore the pandemic.

Our studio is a safe place, away from shopping centers or crowds we continue to push thru with extra care.
We have always provided soap, hand sanitizer, baby wipes and clean linen for all of our sessions.

The Studio also holds a Government Certified Infection Control in the Workplace Certificate. 
Be it a fresh newborn or a family of five we have and will always strive to keep the studio a safe haven from disease, dirt, and contamination.

Even before this pandemic we insisted on our staff having Flu Vaccinations, Whooping Cough Vaccinations and thorough knowledge on infection control in the workplace and we hope this will continue to serve us well.


*extra precautions*
- If you are feeling unwell or are showing signs of unrest please contact the studio immediately and leading up to your session so we may postpone or make alternate arrangements if needed.
- If any of our staff fall unwell or show signs of unrest ALL sessions will be put on hold and booking fees returned if needed.
- If you are concerned about coming to the studio then a FREE home session upgrade will be applied to your booking so that we can bring the equipment needed to the sanctuary of your own home.
- if you are struggling financially with the current economic crisis then we will allow for clients to postpone payments (interest-free) until further notice.


Due to the recent Government restrictions on gatherings, events, and weddings, the following changes may be applied to a session. 
- Outdoor Family Sessions may be limited to only 5 family members per session

- Weddings may only be limited to 5 people including your photographer

- Events must respect the Governments social distancing laws 

This will enable us to shoot and produce your product on time with no delays with no questions asked.

This is going to be a hard time for all of us and our children so please remember to stay safe, stay calm and look after those close to you.

If you have any additional concerns please contact us via email or comment on this post and we will respond as soon as possible.

All the best, Haydn Leonard Jarvis