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Covid-Safe Plan

“Patience, Perseverance and plenty of Planning”
A phrase that has always come in line with every task we complete in the studio, be it the perfect newborn set or making sure everything from fabric to basket is washed, tidied and color ordered for the best organizational effort!
Preparing for this pandemic has been no different, it is just as important to keep your family members safe as well as it is our own, and with every effort possible we hope to do so!
The following plan/checklist is in accordance with the guidance of the QLD government.

Did you know? The Owner/ Operator “Haydn L Jarvis” also holds a Diploma specializing in “Infection Control in the Workplace”


Business Name: Angelico Jarvis Photography
ABN: 49489468532
Plan completed by: Haydn L Jarvis (Owner/ Photographer)
Date reviewed: 15/08/2021


Ensure physical distancing

You the Client/s and our Photographer must remain a minimum of 1.5m apart when possible, verbal guidance and demonstration will be used wherever possible instead of physical guidance.
When our photographer is posing/ guiding a baby or toddler then it is only by the parents’ choice and only when absolutely necessary for the task at hand.

Signage and information are easily available and displayed in key areas of our studio,

reminding our clients to practice social distancing.


Wear a face mask
A face mask will be worn by the photographer at all times throughout the session.
All people over the age of 12 will be required to wear a face mask and only remove it for the duration of the photographs unless they hold a lawful exception.
Single use disposable face masks will be used during the session and will be discarded between clients or every 4 hours, depending on which timeline is shorter.
If the client is unable to produce a face mask, a single-use disposable face mask will be offered.
Refusal to wear a face mask will result in the conclusion of the said session and refused entrance to the property.


Practicing good hygiene

Thorough hand hygiene will be and expected to be maintained at all times during, upon arriving, and when departing the studio/ session by both the client/s and the photographer.
Hand sanitizer is available upon entry of the studio, within all seating areas, bathrooms, and on our baby posing stage.
Camera equipment will be thoroughly cleaned between clients.
Props, Blankets, and Backdrops will be used once per client and then cleaned/ sanitized thoroughly after each use.
Floors, Surfaces, and Posing Areas will also be disinfected between clients.

Signage and information is easily available and displayed in key areas of our studio,

reminding our clients to wash and how to wash their hands effectively.

Keep records and act quickly if anybody becomes unwell
Contact information is collected from all clients via our website's booking in form, which holds names and addresses of all of our clients attending and attended.
We also require all clients to sign into the studio using our available QR code upon arrival at each session.
In the event the photographer or client contracts or comes into contact with the coronavirus (Covid-19) all information will be passed onto the relevant authorities and our clients will be notified.
In the event there is any exposure to a person with the coronavirus (Covid-19) the studio will be immediately close down until declared safe to re-open by the relevant authorities.

In the event the client contracts coronavirus (Covid-19) they agree to contact our studio immediately and their session will be rescheduled. Such client agrees to not schedule in a session until they have received a negative test result and carry no symptoms.


Avoiding interactions in enclosed spaces 

Indoor photography is permitted under current restrictions allowing up to 10 people including staff to attend the studio at any one time.
One family/ Client is scheduled at any one time in our indoor studio allowing for effective cleaning and preparation between clients. This will ensure no two families will have to cross paths at the beginning or end of a scheduled session.
All invoices and payments will be requested digitally when possible.


Changes to current plan & updates

This plan will be updated regularly in accordance with health directives.
Any major or long-term changes to our session framework or shooting schedule will be sent to our clients directly prior to their scheduled booking.

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